My Everyday Makeup Routine

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This has been my go to makeup recently, I love the minimalist look. Everything I use just enhances my natural features and lasts all day.  Except my foundation, but whose foundation actually lasts all day..

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This look is simply perfect for everyday. It takes hardly any time and It almost looks like I’m not even wearing makeup. Trust me though, I don’t look like this without makeup.


I start off by applying my L’oreal Magic Lumi foundation in the shade W4 just with clean fingers.


After foundation i go in with my Sonia Kashuk All Covered Up Concealer in 01 to cover up my horrible blue under eyes and pesky chin spots.

3.) lor518-17

With my foundation and concealer done I go ahead and set it with my L’oreal true match powder.

4.) 71r3wUhwdAL._SY355_

I promise im not sponsored by L’oreal.. and i wish i didn’t love their products so much because they test on animals and don’t have the simplest ingredients. However, the quality is undeniable and i love the way every product works with my skin! Anyways, this blush is called barely blushing and i lightly apply it to my cheeks.

5.) 81159

Now this is a little different, but lately i’ve been using the elf cream eyeliner for my brows. It is so similar to the Anastasia brow cream only obviously MUCH cheaper. Anastasia brow cream retails for $23 at Sephora, Elf’s cream eyeliner retails for $3 at all elf retailers. The only difference is there are way less shades of elf eyeliner, so as long as you can find a good shade or use a light hand it will work.

I also use this as an eyeliner with the same angled brush, just pushing the liner directly into the lashes to give some extremely subtle definition.

6.) CRedC110sm

I used Red Cherry #110 lashes and cut them in half, but any “natural” fake eyelashes will work. I take the demi lashes and put them on the outer halves of my eyes. A lot of people will think this is extreme for everyday makeup, but i find it just as natural if not more natural then loading on mascara. Once you get the hang of it its also easier, theres not anxiety over trying to keep your lashes separated, keeping them un-clumped or getting mascara all over your eyelids. I take any old mascara and put it on lightly so that my lashes adhere to the falsies.

7.) default

Lastly i take my Annabelle lipliner in spice and coat my entire lips. I love how this product is so similar to my natural lip colour but way more intense. It adds life to my face while keeping the natural tones i have.

I want to take a second here just to give Annabelle a shoutout for being awesome. To all of my Canadian friends, Annabelle is made in Canada and sold at Walmart and online. Annabelle is CRUELTY FREE! Amazing quality and very affordable. Check them out!

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

That concludes my current everyday makeup routine! I hope this inspired some of you in your everyday makeup routines! I know i personally love getting inspiration from others.

Thanks for reading! If you want to see my video on how i do this look check it out here:

Talk to you soon.